K. Nam-ake Lekfuangfu

Since the first time we have visited here, it was just love at the first sign. We knew “This is home” for my family . I have been to many different projects, but this one gave me the most right feeling.

The environment of the project is very scenic and private. There are not many units in the project which makes the residents feel very comfortable. As it’s not crowded, the residents can fully feel the relaxing privacy under their own roof. Even though the location is a prime spot in the city, it gives you the feeling of being home with your family, not in a tiny city apartment.
It’s just a pure joy to see our kid able to come out and play in the green area. We feel very comfortable living here.

K. Alisa Sirisant Nyffenegger

The very first things that made us decide to buy the house right away were the size of units and the decoration. It made us feel like we could live a sufficient life with the whole family here. And when we have a baby, it reconfirms that the space provided in the unit is just perfect and fits our needs.

Most importantly, there is so much green space in this project, honestly the best one among all we went to look at. The longer we spend time here, the more it’s safe to say that it doesn't give the feeling of living in a big city like Bangkok. Here us feel like living in a resort outside of Bangkok but in fact, it’s right in the heart of Bangkok.

Moreover, the project management team is very professional. Everyone has been taking care of us well and that ensures us even more that we chose the best place. I took my mother to see it and she just loved it. I also suggested this project to other friends and most ended up moving in. One thing everyone says is how peaceful this place is.


From the beginning, I feel confident with Supreme Team because everything was clearly explained. Here, I can feel happiness and positive atmosphere which is very important when you want to invest your money in something.

Friendliness and positive approach from Supreme Team staff is another reason that makes us decide on Supreme condominium. Some companies just want to sell and think about money. For us, Supreme Team is the best. Supreme offers excellent quality and professional maintenance. Here in Supreme condominium, we live in happy environment with great staff and great management.

I am so happy to be here. My husband and I, and I suppose all of us living here are very appreciative.


Location is what made me decided on Supreme Team. From here, access to supermarket, market, MRT and expressway is convenient.

Also, I really like the fact that Supreme Team's condominium has only a few units on each floor, giving me a sense of privacy. The lifestyle and manner of residents living here is good. The size of the community is just right and the staff are great.


I chose Supreme Team mainly because their product quality is extremely good. I saw the quality and practicality of the material used in the project and was impressed by how thorough Supreme Team conducts research. I am also in love with the intricate details of the designs; they are always so beautiful and very practical while there is no waste of space at whatsoever.

I love how living here makes me feel as if I am living in a house, not a condominium. The unit is spacious and the floor-plan is very well-thought-out.

In the kitchen, there is a big island and an open window, which allows me to cook as freely as I want. Supreme Team allows happiness in my daily life."