Supreme Team Company was established in 1993 by a group of friends who share the same belief that that happiness begins at home as it shapes our attitudes towards life. These turns into our philosophy to provide a valued and high quality residences with spacious and comfortable living area in the heart of Bangkok. Supreme Team has maintained these concepts in all of its properties, from high rise, low-rise condominium to townhouse development.
From Supreme Team's inception, the development of our projects never stands still as we are committed to continue to make an improvement and uncompromising quality of living and to make it accessible to everyone who is after a good lifestyle for their family.
As we are both a developer and management team, staying side by side since the beginning of this great journey, we believe we can achieve our mission by enhancing living quality and fulfill our customer satisfaction as a foundation to build “THE FUTURE TOGETHER”.





Throughout these years, SUPREME TEAM has focused on developing residential properties with a unique design and well-managed services. Recognizing the importance of the once-in-a-lifetime decision to purchase a home and appreciating our customers’ trust, we are determined to offer not only good quality residences but also “GOOD QUALITY LIVING”
Nature, technology and practicalityare crucial parts of our project design. We put great importance on every little detail: convenient locations, aesthetic value, high-quality materials and equipment. In every project of ours, materials and equipment, fixtures and fittings are precisely chosen based on their quality, beauty, functionality as well as on the ease of operation and low maintenance cost. 
Moreover, today’s technology and demographic changes have made adaptability and accessibility additional key elements in our design. Building communication system is prepared to accommodate newer technologies, and facilities in the units are designed to be more accessible to people of all age.
Striving to enable all residents to live a healthy and happy life, we aim to be more environmentally friendly starting from the process of designing a project to managing the project itself. We constantly take nature into account by making a priority to keep and plant more big trees, increasing the green area for better air quality so as to be a part of creating a better environment.



Time, space, and to be around nature are precious gifts and we have brought them all to you in one place. Our prime location, in the heart of Bangkok, would make your city life a lot easier by saving your precious time on the road and to spend more time at home enjoying leisure activities with your family. All of our projects are only minutes from the main business district of Silom, Sathorn, Rama III, Narathiwas, Rama IV roads or Sukhumvit shopping area. Because of our properties’ proximity to both expressways, getting out of town for a weekend relaxation in Pattaya, Khao Yai, Hua Hin or any other popular destination is extremely convenient.    
Years have passed and eras have changed, some things remain the same. For us, home is not only a place to sleep and store your belongings. We have made all our units spacious by providing a relaxing atmosphere and sufficient space for families to spend quality time together. We are also very particular and precise about our exterior and interior designs; there has to be a sense of privacy, while space and function remain uncompromised.
Another type of space that we provide in our projects is fixed parking spaces; every customer in every project has their own reserved parking space. You can imagine the “reassuring” comfortable feeling of coming home every day knowing that there is a reserved and convenient parking area for you.
Nature, for us, is a green area in the projects as well as natural ventilation. The veranda will protect the inside of the unit from the heat and decrease the need of air-conditioning. If desired, residents can open windows for natural ventilation.


03 We believe that the home’s value should be able to stand the test of time. To maintain and increase the values of property over time, we have strived to provide great management services. At SUPREME, there are two main processes of management services: design before the construction and services after the building has been completed.
During the designing process, we prioritize a good design and high quality materials to be a good start for good value. We believe that by selecting the right design, materials and equipment based on aesthetic value, functionality and cost of maintenance, property owners’ burden will be decreased both in terms of future costs and ease of operation. 
Moreover, we anticipate changes in the advancement of technology and residents’ requirements, and include these factors in planning for management services. Automation and possibility of future change are figured into our unique design with the anticipation of future workforce change. Despite relying heavily on technology, it is undeniable that actual people still play an important role. We believe that smart collaboration between people and automation is required for a better services and life.
Because of our involvement in the designing phase, we believe that our management team’s knowledge of the properties details will better equip the team to provide quality services for SUPREME properties.